Secret Life Preview: Will Ricky and Amy Stay (Living) Together?

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ABC Family

We already know, thanks to last week’s episode of Secret Life, that Ben wants out of his marriage to Adrian. Oy. But we think from the looks of this week’s preview clips and pics that Amy might be getting out…of Ricky’s apartment. Not because she wants to move back home or because they’re breaking up, but because Ricky’s moms (emphasis on the plural) are so not happy about it. And rightfully so.

So what’s gonna happen?

Watch the clip below and tell us your predictions!

Also on tonight’s ep, Grace returns from Zimbabwe, Ben decides if he should talk to Adrian about wanting to leave, and, well, clearly Leo has something on his mind:

What do you think Leo has to tell Ben? Do you think Ricky and Amy will still live together even if their parents don’t approve it? And how do you think Adrian will take the news that Ben wants out? Tell us in the comments and be sure to come back tomorrow for the full episode recap!