Secret Life Preview: Is Adrian’s Baby Shower a Go?

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After watching last week’s episode of Secret Life, we were pretty positive that Adrian’s baby shower was so not gonna happen. She had no friends to attend it (sad but true) and, let’s be real, Amy didn’t exactly want to plan it after that huge fight she got into with Ben. But from the looks of this pic from tonight’s episode, “Round II,” it looks like Operation Adrian’s Baby Shower is a total go. Unless Lauren and Madison just like carrying huge presents around for fun or something.

So, does this mean all is good between Amy and Adrian?

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Uh, knowing this show, we’re gonna go with “probably not.” And it looks like things aren’t looking too peachy for Grace either. Watch the clip below to see what we mean:

Do you think Adrian’s shower will happen? Do you think Amy should be throwing her a shower in the first place? And what do you think is wrong with Grace? Leave your predictions in the comments and be sure to come back tomorrow for our full recap of the ep!