Secret Life Preview: Is Adrian Finally Over Her Baby’s Death?

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ABC Family

After what seemed like a yearlong depression, it seems like on Adrian is finally getting out of her rut after her and Ben’s tragic miscarriage. Or maybe she just looks so happy in this pic because she’s (finally) wearing makeup and in a bright, cheery room?! Regardless, we think good things are ahead for Adrian and Ben on tonight’s Secret Life ep, “Hole In The Wall.” Oh, did we say Adrian and Ben? We actually meant Adrian and Ricky

On tonight’s ep, Adrian and Ricky have a phone sesh (about what we’re not sure yet), and Amy isn’t exactly pleased. PLus, Amy and Ricky’s living sitch might be changing around a bit. Watch the preview clips below:

Secret Life is on tonight at 8pm on ABC Family! Will you watch? Do you think Amy will get over her jealousy of Ricky and Adrian? And will Ben stay mad at Adrian forever? Tell us in the comments!