Secret Life Preview: Will Ricky Say Yes to Amy’s Proposal?!

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On last week’s ep of Secret Life, we saw another proposal, this time from Amy to Ricky. Weird, we know. And now, in tonight’s episode, “Deeper and Deeper?” We’re finally gonna find out Ricky’s answer to Amy’s weird (and brave, unexpected and shocking) question.

Which brings us to our question. Do you think Ricky’s gonna say yes?!

We think no, because Ricky even said last week that he’s not ready for marriage or even monogamy. But hey, from the clip below it looks like Amy and Ricky are gonna meet to talk about something deep, so just maaaaybe he’s going to tell Amy yes? Watch the clip below and help us decide!

Do you think Ricky and Amy will get engaged like Ben and Adrian? What else do you hope happens on tonight’s episode?! Tell us in the comments!