Secret Life Preview: Hey, Grace, Why the Long Face?

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ABC Family

Is it just us, or has Secret Life recently taken a turn for the depressing? Between Ben and Adrian’s stillborn baby and Ben’s secret desire to leave Adrian and his marriage, this show is like, seriously sad. And now it looks like Grace, aka Megan Park, is jumping on the sadness train from the looks of this new still from tonight’s ep, “Another One Opens.” Get it? Like a continuation of last week’s, “When One Door Closes?” Clever.

So, Grace, why the long face?

We’re not sure, though it does look like she’s video chatting with Adrian in this pic, so she could just be upset listening to her talk about the death of their baby. Or she could just be having a miserable time in Zimbabwe with her hot step dad, Jeff. Yeah, sounds awful. Watch the preview of tonight’s ep below!

Oh, and check out another clip from tonight’ ep involving Ashley and her boy toy Toby’s road trip:

Why do you think Grace is so sad? What’s the secret that Amy’s hiding from Ricky? Tell us here, and stay tuned tomorrow for our episode recap!