Secret Life Recap: Will, Um, Everyone Ruin Adrian’s Grand Plan?

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Ok, we know we kind of asked the same question in our recap of last week’s ep of Secret Life, but now that pretty much everyone and their mom dad knows about Adrian’s real intentions, we just needed to ask it again. Will Ben find out? Will Adrian actually get preggers again?

We think this recap of last night’s ep, “Dancing With The Stars,” may help answer those questions a bit…

1. Jack asks Grace to go to Senior dance with him since he and Madison broke up, which is fine and all, except weird because Grace has a boyfriend. And speaking of Daniel, the two of them chat about marriage and their future, and Grace decides that she doesn’t want to have sex wit him anymore because she wants to treat their relationship different from her others. Um, we give it a week.
2. And also at the dance, while Grace danced with Jack and Daniel and Adrian and Amy couldn’t be happier, Lauren’s ex Jesse shows up looking for her. Amy tells her she’s babysitting John, so he goes to Ricky’s to see her. But did anyone else find it weird when she randomly burst out into song? Ok, good. Us too.
3. Amy asks Ricky to go to the dance with her and Adrian asks Ben if he’ll be her date. So both couples go, except Adrian’s plan doesn’t go so smoothly when Ben tells her that he doesn’t want to have sex with her anymore because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Sucks to be Adrian right about now.
4. Why does it suck, you ask? Because Adrian wants to have another baby with Ben (remember?), and he won’t sleep with her! But everyone is catching onto her scheme, including Amy, who confirmed with Grace, who then told Ricky, who told Leo. Yikes. And speaking of Leo…
5. Leo and Ben and everyone else are still talking about Ben and Nora’s drunken night, so Leo goes and has a long chat with Ben about it, where he tells Ben that his mother suffered from alcoholism. Then Ben and Nora have a heart-to-heart, where she tells him she inspires him not to drink anymore. How cayute.

And this week’s question is…