Secret Life Recap: Will Adrian’s Plan To Keep Ben Really Work?

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Last not on Secret Life, Adrian went back to school, alright. And she also went back to her old evil self, devising a very sick plan to keep Ben from leaving her (again). And in other Secret Life news? Ricky is so not getting into college…

Check out our 5 fave things that happened on last night’s ep, “Don’t Go In There,” and tell us what you think of Adrian’s plan!

1.Grace and Daniel seem to still be going strong, except for the fact that now Grace’s mom found out via Jack’s dad that Daniel is in college. Not good. So Daniel comes over to introduce himself to Kathleen, and despite Grace being on restriction, the two get along swimmingly and even decide to play a joke on Grace as she waits in Daniel’s car. We chuckled.
2. Ricky goes for his first ever college interview, only to find out that the person who interviews him is a former hookup partner (we think), who basically said he’d only get into the school if he cheated on Amy and slept with her. Too bad she’s a pathological liar who told the school counselor that Ricky was coming onto her and not vice versa…
3. Leo kicks Ben out of his house because he wants him to be a man and and a husband and apologize to Adrian, but instead, Ben goes to his condo, packs up his stuff and moves out. Meanwhile, there’s rumors (or, uh, truth) circulating around school that he got drunk and passed out at Jeff’s restaurant.
4. So Adrian comes back to school, partly to defend her man and partly just to get him back. She tells him that she won’t let him go because they’re married and they love each other. Plus, she confronts people in the halls who spread rumors about Badrian. This is getting awkward.
5. But more awkward was when Ben agreed to live with Adrian throughout the rest of the summer but just as friends and only if they sleep in separate rooms. But obviously that was all part of Adrian’s evil plan to keep Ben around, which brings us to this week’s question…