Secret Life Recap: Which New (Or Old) Secret Life Couple Is Your Fave?

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Not even lying — the past few eps of Secret Life have been a bit of a snoozefest. Sorry, ABC Family. We still love ya. But last night’s summer finale, “And Circumstance,” totally made up for it, with (spoilers ahead!) that proposal, and those two major sex shockers that have brought some interesting new couples into the picture. You know you wanna see what we mean…

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1.Amy is catching onto Ricky’s proposal plans, especially when she hears John say “ring.” She tells Lauren and Madison, who don’t believe Ricky’s actually going to propose, but they still spread the word so basically all of Grant High hears the rumor. Including Adrian…

2. Ben tells Adrian to let it go and get over the fact that Ricky and Amy are getting married. But Adrian tells Ben (who’s still legally her hubby, FYI) that she needs one last kiss with Ricky to know that it’s really completely over between them.

3. Then comes graduation, where Ricky gives a heartwarming (yet somewhat awkward?) valedictorian speech. Then he calls Amy up to the stage and proposes to her, right then and there in front of the entire auditorium. Gutsy.

4. But all the drama really goes down at Jesse’s grad party. Grace is there with Daniel, but the whole time, Jack and Daniel’s ex GF watch them and both want them back. Oh yeah and then, with Amy’s permission, Ricky walks in and kisses Adrian to prove to her that it’s really over (“I’m finally free,” she says), but Omar dumps her for being inappropriate. Whoops.

5. But the next morning, Adrian found someone else to rebound with — Henry! They wake up in bed together, as do Jesse and Madison, who had sex after having a little too much to drink. Then Grace and Jack make out to see if they were over, too (clearly they weren’t), and Ben finds solace in some new girl, Dylan, he met at the party.