Lunchtime Poll: What’d You Think of the Secret Life Premiere?!

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Last night’s spring premiere of Secret Life of the American Teenager was more than just a premiere — to us, it felt like a lesson in sex ed. Ok, we get it. We need to get tested. And we get it, having sex with someone means having sex with everyone that person’s had sex with. And we get it, talking about sex with our parents is healthy (yet incredibly awkward). Thanks, ABC Family.

Ok, rant over. Now we wanna know. What did you think of last night’s episode!?

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Before you vote, let’s give you a quick recap of the ep so you can then make your assessment, mmkay?

1. Amy tells Ricky she’s ready to have sex with him, but she insists he get tested first. And then he runs into his adoptive mom at the clinic because, duh, she works there. Talk about awkward.
2. Ashley goes to the new school counselor (Lucy from 7th Heaven!) and tells her she wants to be home-schooled. Um, ok then…
3. Grace and Grant are still together after 6 weeks at med camp — and 6 weeks of no sex. Then they talk to her mom about how they’re ready to have sex. Because that’s totally her mom’s business.
4. Jesse breaks up with Lauren because he’s a senior and wants to be single, and Madison breaks up with Jack because she met a guy over the summer. Who’s 20. And still in high school. And divorced. Total keeper.
5. Adrian and Ben are halfway through the pregnancy, and they decide to go to the doctor together — after Ben got some major coaxing — to find out the sex of their baby. And they find out they’re having a — spoiler alert! — little girl. Aw.

Ok, now it’s time to vote. Vote below and tell us your thoughts on the premiere (and predictions for the rest of the season!) in the comments!