It’s Baack! Which Secret Life Couple is Your Fave?!

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PLL is ending tonight and we’re definitely upset, but we got over that quickly when we realized that taking its place in the Monday 8pm timeslot is — drumroll please — Secret Life of the American Teenager! ABC Family, you’re totally forgiven.

And in case you didn’t remember from when we left off on the show in — what was it, June? — there is lots of relationship drama and plenty of new (and somewhat unlikely couples). Let’s recap, shall we?!

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Amy and Ricky are back together after that adorbs dinner they had with John in last season’s finale. And it looks like they might even be getting married this season…
Adrian and Ben are together now too, trying to make it work for their unborn baby.
Lauren and Jesse are still together despite her parents finding out (and flipping out) about their co-ed sleepover with Madison and Jack. And speaking of Jack..
Jack and Madison are still technically together, but there’s no denying he still has feelings for Grace. Come on, he didn’t just live her in guest house because it was convenient. Just sayin’.
Grace and Grant started getting more serious as last season ended, and now it looks like they’re both heading to med camp together.

So, now that you’re all caught up, who’s your fave new (or old) Secret Life couple? Vote below and tell us who you chose in the comments!