Secret Life Recap: Will Amy and Ricky Ever Learn To Trust Each Other?

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The most recent episode of Secret Life was all about Adrian, as per usual, but last night’s ep, “4-1-1?” It was all about Ricky. And Amy. And um, cell phones and how they could destroy relationships. Ok, we’re exaggerating, but between the nudie pic scandal and that huge fight over snooping through other people’s cellies, there was quite some cyber drama going down.

And we’ve got it all outlined for ya…

1. Ethan, who’s Ricky’s old foster brother, comes to Ricky’s door asking for a favor — he needs help because he got arrested for sending a nudie pic of his ex girlfriend to everyone in his phone. Since he’s a lawyer, Ruben gets involved and even brings the girl’s dad into the picture. Talk about awkward. Oh, and speaking of phones…
2. Amy and Ricky are still in a fight over Amy snooping through his phone, so Amy refuses to go to school because Ricky won’t speak to her. Then the rumors spread that they broke up, which obvs is like, music to Adrian’s ears.
3. But that doesn’t stop Adrian from dating other guys. Grace and Daniel set her up with Daniel’s friend, Dante (played by Bow Wow!) and Adrian reveals just a bit too much info for a first date, like that she’s divorced and wants her ex boyfriend back. Somehow Dante was intrigued by her honesty and they end up making out hitting it off. Alrighty then.
4. At least things are looking up for Nora, who’s still living in George’s house. Plus, after Leo confesses to her and Bunny that he and Betty are splitting up, he tells her she can come back to work for him at the office. Phew.
5. And by the episode’s end, Amy and Ricky apologize to each other — and Ricky even admits he’s looked through Amy’s phone, too — and Amy talks about how she can be crazy, just like Adrian is. We’re not sure if she means crazy in bed or crazy in “let’s get tattoos and party all night!”, but alrighty then. And our question this week is…