The Casting Secrets That’ll Make You Miss The Secret Circle More Than Ever

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We don’t care how long it’s been since The Secret Circle‘s untimely ending — we’re still not over the fact that it didn’t make it past season one. The CW show, which starred Britt Robertson, Shelley Hennig, Phoebe Tonkin and Thomas Dekker, will forever be a fan-favorite, even though critics didn’t seem to agree.

Like most books-turned-television-shows, there was a ton of pressure on TSC executives to find the perfect actors to bring the characters to life. Any fans of screen adaptations know that poor casting can totally ruin a story that would otherwise be great. While The CW hit the nail on the head with the stars they chose for the people L. J. Smith’s made up, here are the other celebs who were in the running:

1. Claire Holt auditioned for a role — While the 28-year-old didn’t land the unknown part on TSC, executive producer Kevin Williamson liked her so much that he remembered her audition as he began developing another CW show — The Vampire Diaries. Claire was cast as Rebekah Mikaelson on TVD in 2011, and continues playing her to this day on The Originals.

2. Natasha Henstridge was cast without an audition — Natasha, who played Dawn Chamberlain on The Secret Circle, never actually auditioned for the show. “[Executive producer] Kevin Williamson was a fan of some of my previous work and offered me the role,” she said shortly after the series was cancelled. If only it was always that easy…

3. Alexandra DiNovi auditioned for Faye Chamberlain — This actress’ audition for the role that eventually went to Phoebe Tonkin made its way to YouTube less than a year after The Secret Circle premiered. While we’re not sure if Alexandra’s auditioning process ever went further than this tape it IS pretty cool to see what the show would’ve been like with another actress as one of the leads.

The Secret Circle is just one show that ended SO abruptly: