10 Secondary TV Couples You Care About So Much More Than the Main Pair

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Different things attract us to the shows we that love. Sometimes it’s the comedy, sometimes it’s the mystery, sometimes it’s the action… But one thing it seems that a show can’t get by without is, *DUH*: the romance! Whether love is the main reason you’re watching a show or not, you can’t deny that a strong couple is basically essential for a kick-ass television series.

Jim and Pam held it down on The Office, as did Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, but sometimes we can’t help but notice that the TV writers kinda missed the mark. While they spent all their time focusing on one couple, it was actually the side couple that everyone gave an eff about (or maybe we loved the main pair, too, but it was the secondary one that just really gave us all the ~feelz~, ya know?). No matter what the reason, we need to give those overlooked couples the attention that they deserve… because, let’s be honest here, they were a huge reason the show was the success at all: