9 Secondary Couples That Were More Interesting Than the Main Couple

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Is there anything worse than loving a TV show, movie or book, but finding the primary couple annoying, boring or less interesting than the secondary couple? Okay, yes, there are worse things, like war, poverty, global warming, and those video challenges of people trying to curl their hair with tampons… but this is certainly up there. Usually, there isn’t some sort of easy fix: The primary couple typically consists of the main character, and to have a side character’s romance as the primary romance of a story is pretty damn rare unless we’re talking about Harry Potter. We can safely say that Ron & Hermione felt more like the main pairing in the series than Harry & Ginny did, right?

But for the most part, we’re stuck with this scenario: Whoever the main character boos up with (or tries to boo up with), they’ll get the most screen time. But that’s so disappointing when a secondary couple gets less love and proves itself to be a lot more fun to watch than any romantic shenanigans that the main character gets into. Some of your favorite fictional pairings might, in fact, be one of these nine secondary couples that deserved a lot more love:

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