Sleepless in Seattle? Here are 10 Must-See Gems in Emerald City

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When people vacation on the West Coast, they often hit up Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, etc. Unfortunately, they often overlook heading up north to the state of Washington, where cities like Seattle and Tacoma await. The truth of the matter is, Seattle offers a way different type of vacation than, say, a trip to L.A., but that doesn’t mean the city is any less worthy of a visit!

We can’t lie… it’s worth it to go to Seattle simply for the amount of dogs that are trotting around. But, aside from the puppers, there’s a ton to do and see! Whether you like to shop, unwind at the park or go on an adventurous hike, there are fun activities and breathtaking views all over the “Emerald City” that you simply can’t miss. Don’t believe us? Take a look at all of the must-see spots you absolutely need hit up next time you’re in Washington: