YouTube Star Sued by BF for Telling the World He Cheated on Her… with a Dude

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Uh oh, Trisha Paytas (a.k.a. blndsundoll4mj) went on one of her infamous YouTube rants this week, and it ended (or did it?) with the biggest WTF moment ever: After an on-again, off-again relationship that went on for a year, Trisha’s boyfriend, Sean van der Wilt, is suing her!

In a series of videos, that started on December 10, the 28-year-old blonde claims that her choreographer bae was unfaithful to her. “he cheated. i’m done.” was the name of one particular vid, in which she tearfully says, “He didn’t tell me he was going out to a club, he didn’t tell me he was going out with another girl.” But, oh, things got worse. Apparently, that girl he was with is a lesbian, and she supposedly said that she saw Sean “hold hands and kiss this guy last night.” So, naturally, Trisha told her 2.5 million followers about the ordeal.

Trisha claims she’s “not outing him,” but she saw Snapchats of him at a gay club doing… well, things we can only guess someone in a relationship shouldn’t be doing. “This is not about being gay,” she proclaims in her “sean is suing me” video. “I’m not gay-shaming. Like, if he wants to be gay, be gay. If he’s not gay, just having fun with guys, like, go have fun with guys, I don’t care. I’m literally commenting on something that humiliated me.”

In her opinion, there’s no reason for a lawsuit. “We were in an online relationship, okay? Publicly. He goes out in public with a guy, holding hands, kissing? News to me. If I don’t comment on it, I’m gonna look suspicious, like I know, I know you have a boyfriend. Like, no, I didn’t.”

“sad its come to this,” she wrote in the description of the last bit of footage (at the moment). “when all he had to do was pick up the phone to explain things. after a year in each other’s lives, i think he could have owed me that much.”
After they broke up for the first time, Trisha and Sean made some awk YouTube videos together, just like these other pairs: