This Old Celebrity Dad is Hanging Out with Teenage Girls and It’s Creepy AF

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Over the past week or so, chances are good that you’ve seen a lot of headlines that contain the name “Scott Disick.” This is because the 34-year-old reality TV personality/SponCon enthusiast/subheader on Kourtney Kardashian‘s Wikipedia page has been linked to, umm… a lot of girls lately. And by girls, here, I really do mean girls — specifically Bella Thorne (who is 19) and Sofia Richie (who is 18).

Scott was first seen with Bella Thorne last week in Cannes, when the two appeared to be canoodling by a pool, and shortly afterwards, was spotted with Sofia Richie on a yacht. For what it’s worth, both Bella and Sofia have denied that being with Scott is anything more that friendly:


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