There was a Dark Period in Which Scooter Braun Thought Justin Bieber Would Die

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Remember when Justin Bieber was going through that wild phase where he partied hard, was caught speeding in the streets and egged his neighbor’s house a while back? Well, it’s been years since all of that happened, but now we’re getting a little bit of insight into what went down in Justin’s life back then.

Though many people chalked up JB’s behavior to growing pains, Scooter Braun basically insinuated on his episode with Complex‘s Blueprint series that the Biebs was going through something way worse. A dark period, if you will.

The famed manager revealed that there was a time the “Friends” singer asked for help, but no matter how hard he tried, it all fell flat. “At the end of the day, I failed,” Scooter said. “For a year and a half, I tried everything and I failed. Because he was still in that dark place. And it was until one day, something happened, that he called me and he said this happened and enough is enough, I need to make a change.”

Although Scooter tried his hardest to help the now-23-year-old musician as much as he could, it wasn’t enough. As the 36-year-old revealed in the interview, “You can help someone as much as you want but they have to make the conscious decision that they want to make a change,” insinuating that the Biebs wasn’t really ready to make any lifestyle changes when he initially asked for help.

When it got to that point, Scooter revealed biggest concern wasn’t Justin’s career being over; it was the possibility of losing Justin forever. “I thought I was gonna lose him. I thought he was gonna die, you know, and that was the scariest point because he was an adult so he could go away from me. I couldn’t force him to stay next to me,” Scooter revealed.

“There were points where I didn’t know if in the morning he was going to be there,” he continued. “I was petrified and I was doing everything I could and I think he knows that. At the end of the day, for him to come out of that and be where he is today is a testament to his strength.”

While Justin doesn’t really owe anyone an explanation of his behavior then, it sounds like the singer managed to get out of that dark place and turn his life around for the better. Good for you, JB!