10 Awesome DIY School Supply Hacks Just in Time for the New Year

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We hate to admit this, but we are less than a month away until the first day of autumn. Although we want to hold on to summer (and our tans) for as long as possible, we can’t help but be just a little excited about the upcoming season. Just thinking about being able to wear long sweaters and boots and scarves again has us craving everything pumpkin spice. Also, it’s going to be nice not sweating off our makeup the moment we step outside anymore.

Unfortunately, with cooler weather comes a six-letter word that no one likes to hear: school. As horrible as homework, pop quizzes and mean teachers can be, going BTS can actually be really fun, especially if you love going shopping for cool new products like we do. Not only can you show off your style with your new school supplies, but there are TONS of ways to personalize them, too.

It can be tricky to narrow down which DIY hacks are actually worth the effort and which ones are pretty much impossible. But don’t worry — we’re here to help. Lots of crafty AF people came up with simple do-it-yourself ways to not only get yourself organized before school stars, but also help make sure you stay that way throughout the year. From DIY calendars and custom iPad covers to color-coded notebooks and rainbow highlighters, the below hacks will give you multiple chances to get yourself in check and make all your friends (and probably some teachers, too) jealous.