11 of the Scariest Young Adult Thrillers to Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

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Whether you like it or not, Halloween is fast approaching and we honestly could not be more excited. Although the weather is not exactly acting like it should be for being the middle of October already, we have been preparing for the upcoming holiday since the clock struck midnight on October 1.

The moment we saw a leaf start to change color, we immediately began to plan the perfect DIY decorations that can stay up all season long. We even already found all the best pumpkin hacks to make sure ours is the best! (Can you tell that we’re somewhat competitive when it comes to DIY-ing?)

Arguably, the most important aspect to Halloween preparation is finding the perfect costume. It can be overwhelming to try to think of a costume that is timely, original, not too expensive and is appropriate for whatever party you’re attending. This year had a lot to offer in terms of costumes, so much so that we could 10 potential costumes from one single Taylor Swift music video!

As much as we absolutely adore all things fall and are counting down the days until we can celebrate Halloween, it can sometimes be hard to get into the festive feeling. Whether its because it’s still 80 degrees and humid outside or because you’re swamped with homework and practice that you can’t really appreciate the season for what it is, it can be super easy to let the fall season slip away from you. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the spooky and scary fun, which is why have the perfect solution that will get anyone in the mood for Halloween.

Reading is something that has the power to completely transform you into another world, and it also has the ability to totally get into your head and make it so all you can think about is the book! Instead of rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the hundredth time just for the Halloween scene in which Professor Quirrell announces that there’s a troll in Hogwarts, we rounded a bunch of other intense and thrilling YA books that will keep you turning the page and definitely get you in the scary mood of Halloween: