11 Movies You’d Never Guess Scarlett Johansson Was Almost In

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Everyone has heard of Scarlett Johansson before, but there are some things about the 33-year-old actress that most people don’t know. Like the fact that she has a twin brother or, even more unbelievably, that her very first acting gig was in an off-Broadway play called Sophistry with Ethan Hawke. That’s hard to wrap our brains around now that she’s moved onto much bigger and better things as an A-list actress, but ScarJo’s career had to start somewhere.

And, of course, there had to be bumps along the way — in her case, kind of a lot. The Manhattan native has faced her fair share of rejection over the years, but every “no” brought her exactly where she was supposed to be. But even so, we bet getting turned down for some of these iconic roles has to still sting a little.