Say What? Taylor Swift Talks BFF Selena Gomez!

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It’s pretty much a universally known fact that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are besties by now, but did you know that the two talk about boys, just like the rest of us? In an interview with Radio Disney’s Ernie D, Taylor opened up about her famous BFF, their “sisterly” relationship and the guy advice they dish out to each other!

Oh! And Taylor also said which song off her new album is Selena’s fave…

Taylor, on her relationship to Selena: “She and I are very similar. We are sort of like sisters in a lot of ways, and the way we deal with each other is very sisterly.”

Taylor, on giving each other advice: “We realize there is no cure for what we have, which is this need for love to make sense, and it just doesn’t, so we both just go to dinner and vent about it.”

Taylor, on Selena listening to her new album for the first time: “It was really, really awesome. She knows me so well that she could tell exactly which song is about which person. Her favorite was a song called ‘Dear John’… because she knows the story behind it.”

Aw, so cute! Do you have a sisterly bond with your BFFs, too?