Say What?! Katerina Graham Wants to Embarrass Nina Dobrev

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As Bonnie Bennett, Katerina Graham kicks major vamp butt on The Vampire Diaries, but did you know she’s also a singer? Kat even covered the Garbage classic, “Only Happy When It Rains”, and it was featured on the episode, “The Sacrifice”!

SPOILER: Guess who’s hooking up next on The Vampire Diaries!

But Kat’s not the only cast member with singing chops. In an interview with Zap2it, she revealed that she’s a big fan of Nina Dobrev‘s vocal abilities. “Nina is a singer. I love watching her in The American Mall; I’m going to embarrass her if she sees this, but…”

Read on to find out what would totes embarrass Nina!

“I’m going to embarrass her if she sees this, but I’m a fan of her,” Kat said. “Elena can be very serious, she has good moments, but she’s normally very serious, so it’s very fun for me to get to see [Nina] in this very fun, Glee light.”

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