Say What?! Don’t Expect Lady Gaga’s New Fragrance to Smell Like Roses

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More like, “Say ew.” Lady Gaga is always one to break the mold, so we’re not shocked that she wants her new fragrance to smell distinct from the rest of the celebrity perfumes on the market. But we definitely didn’t expect the inspiration that she reportedly came up with.

We’re not entirely sure we should reveal the ingredients on a Teen site like ours, so read on to find out what Lady Gaga’s fragrance is rumored to smell like—but consider yourself warned!

BTW: if you took a guess from the photo of Gaga at the 2009 MTV VMAs, you’d only be half-right…

According to, a source in the fragrance industry says that Lady Gaga wants her perfume to smell blood and semen! We have no words.

And we’re definitely not going to ask you if you’d go out and get Lady Gaga’s fragrance! Do you think she’s gone too far? Tell us in the comments!