5 Kardashian SNL Spoofs That Are Totally Hilar (Vids)

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What would Kim Kardashian‘s divorce be without a little spoof from Saturday Night Live? Uh, pretty much nothing. Hence why we’re ROFL at the latest skit about Kimmy’s divorce featuring special appearances by momma Kris Jenner, big sis Kourtney and of course, Khloe. Yeah, we know the whole divorce thing is a very serious issue, but come on, even Khloe tweeted that the skit was funny. Probs cause it is.

Watch SNL‘s spoof on Kim’s divorce and then watch our four other fave SNL Kardashian skits ever!

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1. Who else is super excited for the E! special, Kim’s Fairytale Divorce?! Ha.

2. And speaking of marriages, in this skit, Kim talks about Khloe’s wedding and her plus one…aka her butt.

3. Kim whines talks about her infamous W mag shoot.

4. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe go into detail about that Kardashian Kredit Kard issue. And, oh yeah, their butts.

5. Happy Chrismahankwanzakah from the Kardashians!

Did you like the latest Kim Kardashian SNL spoof? Do you think the skits are funny or just plain mean? Which Kardashian spoof is your fave? Tell us in the comments!