Pretty Little Liars Preview: Secrets, Spoilers, And, Oh Yeah, Costume Advice from Sasha Pieterse aka Alison (Exclusive Q&A)

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Back in August (so long ago!) Pretty Little Liars ended for the mid-season finale, and we were sad. But then we found out that the show would be coming back in October with a prequel episode involving Halloween and Alison as a real live person, so we were like, “Ok, this is kind of awesome.” Even more awesome? When we got the girls to talk about the ep to us in this exclusive interview — and then again when we chatted with Sasha Pieterse aka Alison about her major role in the ep. Click on to get spoilers and secrets from tonight’s ep straight from Sasha, plus get her tips on how to dress like Aria, Alison — and Lady Gaga?!

It’s all below:

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Teen.com: Ok, so generally speaking, what can we expect from the Halloween ep?
Sasha Pieterse: There are so many secrets in this episode and there’s a lot of firsts. I think a lot of what goes on in the Halloween episode will give the viewers answers. It’s kind of what we all want, right? We want things answered. And I think it kind of ties things together.

Teen.com: Um, finally! What kind of firsts will we be seeing?
Sasha: Well, we see Alison alone for the first time, which has never happened and you kinda see her vulnerable side. And as for Jenna, we’ve always seen her as the bad person, and now we’ll kinda find out why.

Teen.com: Will we also be seeing the start of Jason and Alison’s sibling rivalry?
Sasha: Kind of. In this episode, their relationship hasn’t been as twisted yet. But this is before Ian and Alison got together so you see Ian for the first time, but Melissa’s around and everything. And Ian and Jason were friends so there’s that aspect to it….

Teen.com: What about Alison and the four main girls? Who will she be interacting with most on this episode?
Sasha: I don’t know if there’s one in particular. You’ll see Emily and Alison’s early stages of their relationship. It’s before Emily realizes she’s gay. And you’ll find out more about the girls’ first secrets with Alison in general.

Teen.com: Since we’ve seen previews where Alison is getting the same texts from “A”, can we rule her out as “A”?
Sasha: Can we? We don’t really know. Yes and no. But I mean, I don’t think you can really rule out anything on this show!

Teen.com: So true! We love Alison’s Lady Gaga costume. Which Lady Gaga outfit would you want to wear for real-life Halloween?
Sasha: That’s a good question! I don’t know. She’s got so many crazy costumes. She had that really cool like, lightning bolt blue costume thing going on leotard-ish cut out thing. That was pretty cool, I think I’d do that one.

Ed’s note: She’s talking about this:

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Teen.com: What if you could dress up as one of the four main PLL girls? Who would you be?
Sasha: Aria. She’s kind of quirky with her wardrobe. She’s got like the really cool earrings and I love big earrings and chunky rings and all that, so I think if I dressed up as her, that’d probably be the easiest for me. Maybe (I’d put) some pink streaks in my hair.

Teen.com: If someone wanted to dress up as Alison for Halloween, what do you think she should wear?
Sasha: She wears lots of wedges. So wedges and maybe a short skirt.

Teen.com: And that yellow shirt from the video, right?!
Sasha: Yellow shirt. Yes! (laughs)

Watch a clip from tonight’s ep below. Looks like there’s about to be a major showdown between Allison and Jenna:

“First Secret” airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family! And PS, check out tons more on the ep at ABCFamily.com!

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