6 Times Sarah Hyland Had a Relatable AF Wardrobe Malfunction

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Celebrities often try to convince the public that they’re “just like us,” but that’s really hard to believe sometimes. It’s not like we purchased four mansions by the time we turned 20 like Kylie Jenner, or were given a mini Lamborghini when we turned three, after all. Some celebs are just so extravagant that relating to them is next to impossible — they might as well live on another planet!

But while all of our favorite A-listers could act this way, not all of them do. Some stars are so relatable that we’re 100 percent certain we’d be BFFs if they’d only give us a chance. Take Sarah Hyland, for instance. The Modern Family star is only 26 and already has three Screen Actors Guild awards as part of an ensemble cast under her belt — even so, the actress manages to stay crazy approachable.

How does she do it? Part of it comes from how honest she is with her fans. When she’s going through something difficult, from heartbreak to physical abuse to health issues, she’s not afraid to open up about what she’s going through. And when any of her 1.5 million Twitter followers give her a hard time for something trivial, she isn’t afraid to fight back. “If you don’t like the way I live, please unfollow and don’t let the door hit you on your way out,” she wrote this week.

She may defend herself on occasion, but she also calls herself out when she’s made a mistake — and that’s why we love her. When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions in particular, Sarah owns each and every embarrassing one. She knows we’ve all had zipper issues or accidentally flashed something we didn’t mean to, so there’s no reason to try to hide when it happens to her. Maybe stars really ARE just like us, after all.