Sarah Hyland Talks Fashion & Boyfriend Matt Prokop to ‘TeenPROM’

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If Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman‘s dual covers of Seventeen magazine’s 2013 prom issue weren’t enough of an indication, the big night is coming up quick. And, even though Sarah Hyland‘s past the age of attending herself (she’s 22), the former Seventeen cover girl is not beyond dishing on one of the biggest aspects of the evening: fashion. In the latest issue of TeenPROM, Sarah goes over her ideas when it comes to style, including boyfriend Matt Prokop‘s opinions on the subject.

Sarah Hyland, TeenPROM Magazine 2013 Cover

She says of Matt, “His opinion means a lot to me. If he says he likes it, then I’m like, ‘Okay this is good.’” But as for the public’s assessment of her fashion, she adds, “I don’t think people’s opinions should matter too much… I think fashion is a way of expressing yourself and who you are. I’ve always expressed myself through my style… I don’t think you ever make fashion mistakes because if you like it at that time, then it wasn’t a mistake.”

Though she takes the media’s comments with a grain of salt, she does admit that “it’s cool to be recognized” in regards to that Marchesa gown she wore to the 2012 Emmys (which you can see in our interview with her), “especially since I co-designed it.”

For more of Sarah’s interview and shoot, visit, pick up TeenPROM‘s 2013 issue on newsstands on December 25 and watch the behind-the-scenes video below!

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