Sarah Hyland Reveals the Problem with Being Single After Dom Sherwood Split

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To say we were shocked by Sarah Hyland & Dom Sherwood‘s summer 2017 breakup would be a HUGE understatement. After going public with their relationship in February 2015, they seemed to be #couplegoals. Guess that just proves that things aren’t always what they seem.

Nevertheless, the 26-year-old Modern Family actress and 27-year-old Shadowhunters actor also appear to be #breakupgoals, as Dom publicly defended Sarah after fans posted negative comments about her on social media post-split. If a relationship isn’t going to last, the most you can ask for is for things to be amicable, right?

Though neither Sarah nor Dom mentioned the reason behind the breakup — reports suggested that the relationship had simply run its course — the actress recently mentioned one of the problems with her newfound singledom on Twitter:

“The problem with being single isn’t the fact that you’re alone,” she tweeted. “It’s that you can’t puppy dog eye a guy in to getting you Starbucks in bed.”

BUT, she realized there’s a solution for that, following up with, “Oh wait. There’s an app for that…”

When a fan pointed out that there’s also an app to find a new boyfriend, she quickly shot down the concept, writing, “Yuck gross. To each their own but dating apps aren’t for me. I like the natural progression of a person slowly learning im crazy.”

Of course, if you’re a fan of the Dirty Dancing star, then you should be well aware of her mastery of sarcasm. In other words, take all of her aforementioned words with a grain of salt.
Mainstream couples aren’t the only ones calling it quits this year. YouTube couples are, too: