Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop Call It Quits After 5 Years Together. Heart. Broken.

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Say it isn’t so! After 5 years together, Sarah Hyland and longtime/live-in boyfriend Matt Prokop have reportedly called it quits, thus ending their (geek) charming relationship. Heart. Broken.

According to Us Weekly, the split between Sarah, 23, and Matt, 24, who first met while auditioning for High School Musical 3: Senior Year in 2008, was amicable: “Sarah’s doing fine. It didn’t work out. She’s young. They decided they would be better off as friends.”

This comes as a major blow to fans of the twosome; they were so cute! Sarah even said at the end of 2013, “We’ve been together a long time, we’re practically married. We have a dog [a Maltipoo named Barkley Bixby] and live together.” Sadly, seems like no wedding bells will be in their future.

We guess we should’ve seen the signs; he used to go to all the red-carpet events with her, but he was noticeably absent from her arm at the 2014 MTV VMAs over the weekend and at the Emmys, which were held last night. Plus his tweets have been rather… interesting:

Oh, and while we’re used to seeing all their cute Instagram pictures together, now he’s “taking a break” from the social media site all of a sudden. Here are the last remains of what the public saw of Sarah & Matt’s interactions:

Are you bummed about their breakup? Think they’re better off? Let’s chat!

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