People Slam Sarah Hyland for Getting Drunk in Elevator w/ Old Man in Video

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Sarah Hyland is not one to hold her tongue. When fans of Dom Sherwood slammed her for NOT mentioning her ex in an Instagram post about their dog, she bit back; when so-called experts weighed in on whether or not she had plastic surgery, she was QUITE vocal about it; when people criticized her for posting a ~naked~ picture with her boyfriend, Wells Adams, she totally defended herself… You get the point: say something about Sarah (or her friends) that she doesn’t like and she WILL come for you. So we wonder what she’s going to say when she learns that people are outraged over her latest Instagram post.

After the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, the 27-year-old Modern Family actress hit up the 19th Annual Post-Golden Globes Party hosted by Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. And, like last year, she had some fun in the elevator:

Unlike last year, though, this video rubbed many the wrong way. “The Movement at the Golden Globes tonight was called Time’s Up,” Instagram user @lgray_wolff. “It’s why everyone was wearing black and wearing pins that say ‘Time’s Up’ on them. The idea is to present solidarity for respect and equality across industry lines to stop sexual harassment and end rape culture. Getting messy drunk with a man in an elevator definitely doesn’t promote this message. I know she’s only joking, but she has been advocating for this movement, so this video is very ill timed.”

And that user was far from the only one:

Sarah’s been using her voice for Time’s Up from the beginning, posting it every chance she gets on social media, so we’re going to chock this one up to what the people said above: poor timing.