It’s Getting Serious! Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood Adopt Baby Girl

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Since Sarah Hyland and Dom Sherwood announced their relationship back in February, things have been getting pretty serious. Between surprise set visits, funny pranks, and matching tattoos, Sherwood is basically #RelationshipGoals. And now, less than a year since they made things official, Sarah and Dom have taken their relationship to the next level — by adding a member to their growing family!

The Modern Family actress and her Shadowhunters boyfriend took to social media to introduce fans to their brand-new adopted baby girl!

Sarah also posted a picture of the happy family with the caption, “This weekend @domsherwood and I rescued a little baby puppy. Now Barkley can have a sister to annoy the crap out of him. Meet Boo!”

Yeah, yeah…their “baby” is technically a puppy, but both Sarah and Dom are clearly OBSESSED and think of her as their child. In fact, the 24-year-old actress now refers to herself as ‘mommy!’

Ms. Hyland already has another pooch named Barkley Bixby (who was involved in the abuse from her ex, Matt Prokop) and Dom has Rowdy, a furry friend that frequents his Instagram page. We wish the now-family of five nothing but the best! Do you think Woodland’s addition comes a bit too soon? Tell us your thoughts below!

Here’s all you need to known about Dom Sherwood:

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