26 RIDICULOUSLY Inappropriate Tweets Fans Sent Sarah Hyland

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Sarah Hyland is not afraid of telling it like it is. Whether she’s calling out her Instagram followers or the tabloids, the 26-year-old Modern Family actress just lets out whatever’s on her mind. If she doesn’t like what you said about her weight or her relationship, she’ll call you out without a second thought. And if she doesn’t like what you said about one of her friends, she’ll stick up for them, too.

Maybe that’s why fans think it’s okay to speak their minds to her on Twitter, but judging by the seriously inappropriate things they come up with, we think they should give it a rest — these aren’t opinions that anybody needs to hear.

1. We need a translator for this one.

2. N-O.

3. Don’t know where you got that idea.

4. Thanks so much for sharing.

5. Not happening.

6. Well, stop.

7. Maybe keep that to yourself.

8. DEAD.

9. Good to know.

10. LOL.

11. There’s a big difference.

12. Can you just not?

13. Not in a million years.

14. T-M-freaking-I.

15. Absolutely not.

16. Thanks, but no thanks.

17. O…K…

18. Nope.

19. You need a filter.

20. Way to be inclusive.

21. Thanks, dude.

22. Hi. No.

23. Why?

24. Ugh.

25. Stay down.

26. Probs not, brah.