Sarah Gilman Shares What She Hopes Girls Take Away from Velma & Daphne

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If you’re a longtime fan of Scooby-Doo, we’ve got great news! On May 22nd, a live-action Scooby-Doo spin-off movie is headed straight to DVD, and NGL, it actually looks awesome. The movie is called Velma & Daphne, and unlike any Scooby-Doo films that came before it, it places the two well-known supporting female characters at the forefront, and if you ask us, it couldn’t be better timing!

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With all of the girl power we’ve seen over the last year between the #MeToo movement and powerful movies like Wonder Woman, for example, female empowerment is on everyone’s minds. And for Sarah Gilman, who plays Velma in the film, taking on such an iconic female role at such a pivotal time for women’s rights is a complete honor, but she also did admit that she felt some pressure to live up to people’s expectations.

“She’s a fan favorite for a lot of people and everybody has their own perception of who she is from that cartoon character, and so, you know, no matter how I play it I risk alienating people on either side… I think most of my fear came from not living up to people’s expectations of what they wanted Velma to be like in their mind.”

In her mind, though, Sarah knew exactly how she wanted to play Velma, and it was in a way that would inspire young girls to go out and do the things they want to do, even if other people say they can’t. She said, “I hope they take away a couple of things… like this message that girls can do anything,” adding that Velma and Daphne are “two strong, young girls who are not damsels in distress, they’re not waiting for someone to rescue them. They’re taking their destiny and their future into their own hands.”

Velma and Daphne are also two extremely smart characters who excel in science and technology, which is something Sarah says is “underrepresented” in the media, and honestly, we completely agree!

“I think a lot of girls just feel that they’re being told they can’t, or they shouldn’t, or it’s not their place,” she said, “and so I hope them seeing Velma tinkering with robots and making heat melting machines and all that stuff kind of shows them that they’re just as capable as anybody else.”

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Overall, though, Sarah did say that, while it’s going to be inspiring for young girls, there’s something in it for everyone, and boys will enjoy it, too, even if they have to place themselves in a female character’s shoes for once in order to find it relatable.

She said, “As girls, we grow up and we watch all these male protagonists and we get the story and it’s great, but we have to kind of use our imagination to put ourselves in that role and sometimes we can’t. So what if some boys have to start doing that now? It’s a story about whodunnit and solving a mystery. It shouldn’t matter what gender or sex the protagonist is.”

So, what’s the overarching message Sarah hopes all people — and not just girls — can take out of the film? It’s to not be a passive member of society. Do what you’re good at, stand up for what you believe in, solve a mystery, and “be you, but be you actively.” AMAZING!