The Sara Diaries: We’ve Got Vampire Diaries Star Sara Canning Blogging on Teen.com All Summer Long!

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Her character Jenna may have been in the dark about, well, everything going on in Mystic Falls for two seasons too long, but it’s never been a big secret that Sara Canning is one of our faves on VD. Not only does she get to act opposite Paul, Ian, and Nina, but she gets to flirt with the hottie-we-wish-was-our-history-teacher Alaric Saltzman each week. Jealous.

With season two of The Vampire Diaries quickly coming to an end, we figured we’d start giving you a regular fix (no blood bag needed) of everything Sara while the show is on hiatus. The best part? Sara’s going to be sharing deets on her summer along with the movies that inspire her. But first up: The final two eps of the season!

Ready to catch up on The Vampire Diaries by marathon reading the books this summer?

Make sure to check back next Thursday (5/5/11) for Sara’s first post, and if you have a question or comment for her, throw it in the comments below!