The Sara Diaries: What Movie Are You Seeing This Weekend? Sara Thinks It Should Be…

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Summer on Teen.com is about to get really juicy! Not like bloody juicy (gross!), but fans of The Vampire Diaries, we’ve got an awesome surprise for you. We were able to snag up VD star Sara Canning (aka Jenna) to blog about the show and the movies that inspire her. And get this, Sara will be with us ALL summer long, unlike her character! You’re welcome.

So, what’s Sara’s must-see movie for this weekend? Click on!

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For the past few years, I’ve had many opportunities to dive head first into fantastic scripts infused with drama. Or should I say heart first? Certainly a challenge. But what about the other mask, the smirking comedy? I don’t think we often realize just how challenging comedy is. I’ve been asked if I’d be interested in doing funny material, and my answer is a huge, resounding YES! Though I know it takes just as much practice and heart to tackle comedy as it does heavily emotional material. So allow me to take a moment and applaud the comedic craftspeople of the newly released Bridesmaids.

​I was really curious and excited to hear of a new comedy a-la Apatow dominated with a cast of women. Despite the token gross-out moment or two (My friend looked around the theatre at one point and every person had their hand over their mouth, eyes wide!), Bridesmaids kept me laughing and invested the whole way through. Kristen Wiig is crazy and awesome and touching. The dialogue is the sort that you have to listen to very carefully through the audience’s laughter, as there are so many little gems that the actors deliver so subtly and surprisingly.

Though there are men as love interests in the film, the story’s primary focus isn’t a woman falling all over herself trying to get the guy. We see a woman’s re-evaluation of her own life as she fears losing her best friend to the psychotically flawless new friend during a hurricane of wedding planning. And about the men – I was so happy that Wiig’s love interest wasn’t a Hollywood stud type, but the adorably odd Chris O’Dowd.

Want to laugh your stressful week away or just see some funny ladies do their thing? Check out Bridesmaids.

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