9 Major Movie Roles this YA Actress was Originally Supposed to Play

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After landing the lead role (or roles?) in Stephanie Meyer‘s The Host, Saoirse Ronan scored some YA fame — but not as much as what was expected in comparison to the Twilight Saga. So, what did that mean for her career? It was yet another opportunity that she was faced with that didn’t exactly turn out in her favor. Yep, besides being a Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominated actress, Saoirse actually had missed out on numerous MAJOR career course-changers.

Amidst all of the opportunities that have come her way — including those that would mean starring in other hit franchises or taking on the classics — Saoirse didn’t exactly end up on top. So, whether you knew her from The Host, something else, or you just know that she has an incredible Irish accent, here’s all of the times you almost got to know her… But sadly didn’t: