Saoirse Ronan Prepared For Her Role As An Assasin By Listening To Lady Gaga

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Hanna opens tomorrow and we can hardly wait to watch Saoirse Ronan in action. She’s the only gorgeous actress who could pull off playing a fierce assassin while still looking totally fabulous, and as this recent interview in Elle reveals, she’s also beyond cool.

Saoirse spills on her love for Lady Gaga and Hanna’s Sucker Punch rivalry!

On her only fellow teen costar: To work with Jess was really great, because I don’t really get to work with a lot of young people. We bonded over Lady Gaga. We played her music in the make-up truck everyday.

On sexualized girl power movies (*cough* Sucker Punch): There’s been a few recently where you think ‘Jesus! Is that really necessary? Did we really need that to tell the story?’ I think it’s always great to see tomboys in films.

On her future: I would like to go to college whenever the time is right. I don’t know what age that is, whether it’s 18 or 21.  Whenever I ask people about college and the experiences they’ve had, people always say they wouldn’t give it up for the world.

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