The Flirty Notes That Have Fans Shipping Two of Your Fave YouTubers SO Hard

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YouTube stars Andrea Russett and Kian Lawley had fans FUH-REAKING out when they posted a video of them kissing months after they broke up. But while the pair’s supporters shipped Kiandrea hard at the end of 2015, it seems that they have moved on to supporting the 20-year-old girl with another YouTuber — Sammy Wilkinson!

Sam and Andrea have been friends for quite some time now, but social media king kicked off what was a series of flirty tweets with — wait for it — a comment about going vegan, which the brunette beauty happily replied to.

The Nebraska-born guy took his fellow YT star’s willingness to help him in his quest to go vegan as his chance to casually ask her out on a dinner date. As one does…

While Andrea didn’t blatantly accept Sam’s request, she DID hint that she’ll go along as he discovers the wonders of veganism.

Almost immediately after the flirty Twitter interaction happened, fans began to express their emotions about the ~potential couple~.

Do you think Sammy and Andrea would make a cute couple? Tell us your thoughts below!

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