First Look at Samantha in ‘The Carrie Diaries’

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Talk about a dead ringer! It was announced earlier this month that newcomer Lindsey Gort would take on the role of Carrie Bradshaw's BFF in The Carrie Diaries, but we're just now getting our first look at her in character. You have to admit — the resemblance is pretty striking!

In case you didn't watch Sex and the City — the show that The Carries Diaries is loosely based on — the role of Samantha was originated by Kim Cattrall, and she is known primarily for her promiscuous ways. Since this show takes place in the 80's and is all about Carrie's origins, we'll get to know more about Samantha too.

A statement released revealed a bit about the character, saying: "Through a surprising connection, Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) will meet one of the most important people in her life this season: Samantha Jones, a ballsy, beautiful and sexy young woman from the panhandle of Florida who has made her way — and already a name for herself — in the rock ’n’ roll scene of 1980s NYC."

We think she'll make a great addition to the show! The second season of The Carries Diaries premieres on Friday October 25 on the CW. Will you be tuning in? And what do you think of Lindsey as Samantha? Sound off in the comments!

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