One of Your Fave YouTube Stars Just Came Out as Gay… and is Married, Too!

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Sam Tsui has been melting people’s hearts with his incredible YouTube covers & original songs since 2011, but while the 26 year old sings about romance, he has always been pretty private about his own love life. Well, until now.

The musician finally addressed the many questions he gets about if his love songs are about someone in particular in a rare Vlog-style YT video over the weekend.

“The answer is YES, I am dating someone,” he said. “I am in a relationship, and have been for quite some time, with someone that I only recently started doing a bunch of YouTube videos with. He’s an amazing singer; a lot of you probably already know who he is — the talented and very handsome Casey Breves.”

Twitter (@samueltsui)

Twitter (@samueltsui)

Wait, did he say he? Yep — Sam nonchalantly came out as gay in that same video.

“Now, some of you may have already known this, or a lot of you have kinda just figured it out, but to some of you this might be a bit of a surprise,” he continued. And given that this is a coming-out video of a sort, I want to say and say very clearly that waiting to tell you guys about this does not mean that I am or was ashamed of anything. I am incredibly proud of who I am and very proud of my relationship with Casey, because he’s amazing.”

The artist said he “never really felt a need to do a big teary coming-out video” because his sexuality is “such a non-issue” in his everyday life. But if you thought that part of Sam’s announcement was the biggest shocker, think again; ’cause he had another bombshell to drop on fans.

“There’s one more piece of really crazy big news that’s related to all of this, which is kind of the reason why I thought now was definitely the time to let you in on all of this. And that is… not only are Casey and I dating, but very, very soon we are getting MARRIED, which I am incredibly excited about and very nervous about, as well. And I know this probably seems totally wild and coming out of left field, but again we have been together for a while now.”

And when Sam said “very, very soon,” he really meant it, because just two days later he revealed that he and Casey tied the knot!

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Whoa! That is a lot of information to process, but we wish Sam and Casey nothing but the best in the future!!

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