Sam Smith Admits He’s “Going Through Sh*t ” Amid Split with Brandon Flynn

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Breakup news is always bad news, and when it involves someone as emotional and as sensitive as Sam Smith… well, things just get a little worse. Mainly because when Sam Smith goes through ish, we all go through that same ish.

After roughly nine months of being together, there seems to be trouble in paradise for the “Too Good At Goodbyes” singer and his boyfriend, 13 Reasons Why‘s Brandon Flynn. The two were last seen on each other’s social media a couple weeks back, but now all photos of the Netflix star have been removed from Sam’s Instagram, and it appears that the two may have even unfollowed each other. All signs point to a breakup, and we’re really not handling the news too well.

It also doesn’t look like the 26-year-old singer is taking the breakup too well either. He opened up during a concert in New York, telling the crowd, “I know that everyone in this room right now is going through some sh*t. I know I’m going through some sh*t.” Yeah, that definitely doesn’t sound good.

Ugh, it’s so sad, because both Sam and Brandon seem like such amazing people, and they were honestly one of the sweetest couples! Always building each other up and supporting one another, but we digress.

Anyway, after making that initial statement, the singer then told the crowd, “And tonight I want all of us to just leave all of our worries and all of our heartache aside and let’s have some fun. Let’s sing as loud as we can.” Even though he’s going through a totally rough time, Sam still wanted his audience to have fun and that just goes to show what an incredible person he is.

Here’s to hoping these two will find happiness again soon because they totally deserve it.