Surprise! One of Your Fave YouTube Couples Got Married Over the Weekend

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There’s nothing like a surprise wedding to kick off your Monday! Sam Pottorff and Rosa van Iterson shocked the world when they announced they got engaged back in October, so you know they wanted a similar sense of ~confusion~ when it came to their actual wedding. While the YouTube couple kept fans in the loop during the planning process, they didn’t tell anyone the specifics about their big day — until after it happened!

The 20- and 24-year-olds tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Amsterdam on March 4, 2017.

Rosa wrote on Instagram, “We got married! Yesterday was the most beautiful day of my life, thanks to all our loved ones for being there and making it an unforgettable day! And thank you guys for respecting our privacy and showing love and support! We will post pictures and a beautiful wedding video as soon as we can! We love you! Xoxo The Pottorffs”

Sam’s fellow O2L members JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran were all in attendance for their pal’s big day. Connor Franta unfortunately did not make the trip.

Another negative piece of information is that no one has posted any pictures/videos from the wedding, as the couple wants to do that in their own time.

“In case any one is wondering why I didn’t vlog the actual wedding or show Sam and Rosa here’s why: they want to release the photos and footage on their own time so I wanted to respect that,” Ricky said. “The wedding was beautiful and amazing and they actually did film it!! So look out for the wedding video on Sam and Rosa’s channel soon.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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