The Murder Prank YouTuber is Not Only a Huge A**, But Also a Major D-Bag

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Whether you watched Sam Pepper‘s “KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK,” or simply just heard all the outraged responses, you know all the well-earned s*** he’s been getting because of that ridiculous stunt. The 25-year-old YouTuber has never once shied away from posting controversial videos, but that one took the cake, hands down. Though everyone deserves a chance at redemption, it looks like Sammy has literally taken nothing from this entire experience; instead, he wants all the people who have been protesting for YouTube to take down that video to pay HIM a s*** ton of money. Is this guy for real?!?

Here’s the story; last week, the online personality responded to the Murder Prank backlash in the LITERAL worst way possible. Instead of apologizing on behalf of his stupidity, he posted a video telling his fans — because for some reason people actually like him — and many haters that if they really want his account deleted, they can head over to his GoFundMe page and pledge a certain amount of money, and here’s the kicker, for him! If the petition were to reach $1.5 million dollars, then he would delete his account for good.

According to the a**hole social media star, “There are some people out there that just don’t like me as a person. I want to give them the opportunity to delete my channel. They keep requesting it! There have been petitions, dislikes, comments. Clicking a button really does NOTHING! But now, here’s your chance to do something meaningful.”

Is. He. Kidding??? By “something meaningful” he means making major bank off of his harshest critics? We could think of a lot more meaningful things to do with our cash, Sam, like donating to people who actually need it.

Obviously, the response on Twitter was nothing short of complete and utter outrage.

Sam’s “brilliant” plan backfired right in his face, because shocker, GoFundMe took the petition down because it failed to meet their terms and conditions; the YouTuber has since deleted his GoFundMe YouTube announcement video.

For now, we’ll be hoping that this guy gets a serious wake-up call and stops parading around with ridicules stunts.

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