YouTube Star in Serious S*** After Pulling Horrific Murder Prank

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Some of the funniest videos to watch on YouTube are those that involve hilarious pranks, but there comes a point in every hoax where things have gone too far. And let’s just say, YouTube star Sam Pepper crossed the line before he even turned on his camera. The 25-year-old Internet sensation is known for throwing caution to the wind and posting over-the-top, sometimes uncomfortable videos to his YT channel, but his latest sketch, which shows him pretending to kill someone while his best friend watched, was the opposite of funny. In fact, we feel sick just writing that.

Sam’s “KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK” was posted on YouTube yesterday, and almost immediately sparked well-deserved outrage. The video shows the former Big Brother star kidnapping Viner Sam Golbach, who was unaware that a prank was occurring, and throwing him into the trunk of a car. It then cuts to the next scene, where SG is shown tied to a chair while his best friend and fellow Vine star Colby Brock has been forced to his knees with a hood over his head as a masked man (Sam Pepper) holds a gun to his temple. As Goldbach sobs and screams in horror, Pepper then pretends to shoot Colby in the head. We know it sounds outrageous, but this is not a joke. We are not going to post the video on Teen.com, but it definitely exists and this did, in fact, really happen.

Although Goldbach was understandably terrified during the whole ordeal, he said he’s actually not traumatized and the prank brought the three closer together.

Ummm….okay? But while he’s not upset by the stunt, the rest of the world is. Everyone from fellow YouTubers to celebrities also took to social media to show Sam that what he did was in no way, shape, or form okay, and even created a petition to get his channel removed from the site.

There are no words. WDYT about Sam’s prank? Did he go too far?

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