YouTube’s Biggest D-Bag Finally Does the 1 Thing the World Has Been Begging For

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When controversial YouTube star Sam Pepper tricked Viner Sam Golbach into thinking his BFF was murdered in front of his very eyes, over 200,000 people signed a petition to have his channel removed from the video-sharing site. But in order for him to take their petition seriously, the 26 year old fired back with his own offer — donate $1.5 million to his GoFundMe page in order for him to delete. Um…yeah. That actually happened. Since people were OBVIOUSLY not going to give this d-bag money, everyone assumed that their hopes of him disappearing from the web were slim to none — until now.

Sam shocked everyone by finally doing the one thing people have been begging him to do for months — deleting everything. The prankster started his social-media disappearance by changing all of his profile pictures to a black screen, and posting the same image on his social media accounts.

i give up

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The controversial star then deleted all of his past tweets and Instagram pictures, and made all of his YouTube videos private; then he went into total radio silence. Immediately after people realized what was going on, they began to rejoice:

But after a few days of him saying nothing but “I give up,” some people began to worry about his well-being, despite the poor decisions he’s made in the past.

This situation is crazy, and pretty scary. We truly hope all is well and he simply has realized the error in his ways.

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