YouTube Star Admits That He Has Been Lying to the Entire World for Years

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Controversial YouTube star Sam Pepper has done a lot of effed up crap over the years. Between pretending to murder someone, groping women on the Internet and suddenly disappearing after posting a cryptic note, it seemed that the 26 year old would never learn. But in a shocking turn of events, Sam has just uploaded his most revealing video of all time, where he made a confession that’ll blow even his very few supporters away.

In a vid simply titled “i’m sorry,” the YouTuber admitted that all of his past pranks have been fake. That’s right — every time you thought he really DGAF about what people thought, he was really pretending.

“I just want to tell you everything, honestly,” he said, sitting in front of his camera. “I worked out, ‘Oh, okay. I can do these pranks that these other channels are doing and I just just fake them; I can just make fake videos”

Sam says that while he was “one of the first prank channels,” his decision came after he started to get worried about how he would continue to be successful on YT when a bunch of “other prank channels started coming out [that were] doing more and more and more crazy stuff.”

Perhaps the craziest thing the prankster ever did was pretending to kidnap Viner Sam Golbach and simulating killing his best friend in front of his face. But while the entire world was completely disgusted by his actions, he said everyone involved knew what was going on the whole time.

“I know I would never kidnap someone; I know that. I know who I am as a person. But the viewers, you guys and people who don’t normally watch me, are watching it and seeing me and thinking, ‘Who’s this d*uche? Why is he doing all this stupid stuff?’ And that’s right. I was making myself look like a d*uche to everyone. No wonder people hate me. Like, I’ve been an idiot. I’ve been stupid.”

And as for that sexual harassment prank? Also fake.

“I faked it and asked everyone before I did it… I explained my YouTube channel; I explained everything.”

Wow. Does Sam’s confession change the way you view him, or are his actions unforgivable? Tell us your thoughts below!

Watch Sam’s entire apology video here:

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