Who Is the More Hilarious Heartthrob — Theo James or Sam Claflin?

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We're not afraid to tackle the serious issues for Editor Showdown! For our latest installment, we'll be discussing two of Hollywood's hottest (and funniest) men — Theo James and Sam Claflin. Now, usually, REALLY hot actors are just nice to look at and keep things pretty tame in interviews. And REALLY funny actors aren't that easy on the eyes, but still manage to crack you up. Not these two fellas — they combine hot AND funny quite perfectly.

Whether they were stirring up some silly antics during this year's Comic-Con (Theo), or getting hilariously TMI during a press tour (Sam), both of these guys live without filters, and for that, we applaud them.

Now, before we begin the debate I (Amanda) just wanted to make it clear that my cohort, Kaitlin, and I both ADORE Theo and Sam (like A LOT), and are simply stating why we think one is funnier than the other. Let's discuss…

Amanda, Editor: Where do I even begin with Theo? I knew that Theo was funny because I got to interview him on the set of Divergent (#regularbrag), but didn't know the extent of his humorous ways until Comic-Con this year. First of all, I don't think there was one interview where he didn't have some kind of LOL-worthy one-liner or answer during interviews. One of the funniest has to be when someone asked what would be in his fear landscape, and he said "hummus" and continued to say that he was scared of "various dips." Ummm… that's amazing.

Another LOL moment came when our pals at Clevver interviewed Theo and he talked about his butt cheeks being shown in Divergent where he said: "There is one shot, that's just one of my butt cheeks. Yeah, it's kind of a fleeting shot, and it's kind of integral to the part." If that doesn't make you LOL, I don't know what will.

In another Comic-Con interview, Theo was asked what went through his mind during the Divergent panel — that boasted over 6,000 fans — and he replied, "Where the nearest Pizza Hut is."

And last but CERTAINLY not least, Theo and Shailene Woodley were doing a shoot during Comic-Con, and he gave a little One Direction shout-out captured perfectly in this Vine. Watch for yourself below:

If Theo is flexing humor muscles like this just in the span of ONE afternoon, we can't wait to see what kinda stuff he'll be saying during Divergent's press tour next year.

Kaitlin, Associate Editor: Oh, Sam Claflin, where to begin? I mean, there's really nothing that he does in real life that isn't hilarious. Let's start with the moment I first fell in love with his witty ways, back when Teen.com visited the set of Snow White and the Huntsman. During the chat, he said with utter sarcasm, "It was probably an Oscar-winning performance I think just to try and fall in love with one of the ugliest girls in the world." You know, in reference to Kristen Stewart. Hilar!

Then there are his spectacular facial expressions. For example, this is how serious he acted at the various premieres of Catching Fire:


His recent stint on Chelsea Lately sealed the deal for us. Apparently, he had to wear a thong for his role as Finnick Odair, and it sounds all sorts of awk. When filming the sequel to The Hunger Games while wearing the undergarment in front of 69-year-old co-star Lynn Cohen, he said, "I was sitting with my leg propped up next to her, and I definitely felt pop-age. And the whole time I was just thinking 'God, she's just staring right at it,' and I kept sort of trying to shuffle — and then I decided I could not go on with the thong anymore." 'Pop-age,' I can't. This was amazing.

Plus, if you follow him on Twitter, then you know he's full of wonderful comments. This is just one of my favorite examples:

Twitter (@samclaflin)

I love Theo James' sense of humor, I really do. But when it comes down to it, I'd watch Sam Claflin's on replay over Theo's any day of the week. If you saw this moment during the world premiere livestream, you'd have to agree:


Watch the FULL Divergent Comic-Con panel (featuring many hilarious moments with Theo)!

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