Sam Claflin Marries Actress Laura Haddock in Private Ceremony

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WENNSigh, we knew it would happen someday soon. Sam Claflin's officially off the market! In an intimate ceremony held on Tuesday, July 30, the Catching Fire heartthrob married actress Laura Haddock.

In an interview with Yahoo! News in May 2012, the actor gushed about the woman who would turn out to be his future bride: "How do I know that she's the one? She's my female counterpart is the best way to describe her. She is my mum… She reminds me of my mum so much, which I think — a guy will know, right? It's important. Your mum knows like everything… But at the same time she's very different and the elements that she's different from my mom, she's me."

The two met on an audition years back. Sam recalls of his encounter with Laura, "[I] couldn't care less if I got the part. I called my agent, I said, 'Mate, I am in love." He’s like, 'How did the audition go, mate?' I was like, 'No, no, you don't understand. I have just met the woman I want to marry.'"

When we chatted with Sam (in London, BTW) about what attracts him to another, his answer was nothing short of romantic: "Inner beauty, I'd have to say. I know it's so cliche — [to say] you've gotta have a personality — but for me, it's true, it really is. You need to get along with someone to make it worthwhile; make yourself happy."

You can see Sam in the sequel to The Hunger Games in theaters November 22. Until then, make sure to leave your congratulatory messages in the comments!

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