Sam Claflin’s Wife, Laura Haddock, Gives Birth to Couple’s Second Child

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Sam Claflin and his wife, Laura Haddock, are known for being super secretive about what goes on in their personal lives. Like, the pair didn’t even announce its second pregnancy until the 32-year-old showed up to an event with a decently large baby bump on display! So seeing as neither of the actors ever officially discussed the fact that a new member of their family was on his or her way, we aren’t all that surprised that they didn’t make an announcement immediately after the little bundle of joy came into the world.

The Me Before You star revealed the good news that he’s a dad for the second time on BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show about three weeks after Laura gave birth.

“It’s happy news. She’s very new and shiny. I, however, am not,” he said in true SC form.

The 31-year-old already is the father to a little boy named Pip, who was born in January 2016.

Sam jumped right back into being the parent of a newborn, experiencing sleepless nights, changing diapers and even getting a little messy.

Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell, who appeared on the radio show with Sam, revealed, “She peed on you this morning. That’s what you said earlier. It’s changing nappies!”

“Whoever told you that girls don’t wee as much as boys is an absolute liar,” he cheekily replied.

Laura shared a old picture of herself while still pregnant on Instagram and wrote, “Throwback to the summer on the Amalfi Coast.. baby bump beginnings. So grateful to have you here with me now little one x”

We aren’t sure of the little girl’s name or her exact date of birth, but we do know she entered the world in January. Wouldn’t it be funny if she and her older brother shared the same birthday!? It’s possible!